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    . Kingdom of Fairies cheat hack code - contract scroll, crystal, unlimited resources (food, wood, iron), chest treasure, instant upgrade, super gel, colors ore.

    Amazing! You defeat the Red queen’s army! But city development is a problem. You need a helper.THis empty field is enough to build a farm, which can provide food resources.Above is the city’s current resources. As you’ve just built a farm, you’ll find yourself with a lot of food. We need to train soldier, and then wipe out the red queen and her minions. Click speed up, and you can instantly complete the training. We need get more combat skills through compaigns to defeat the red queen.

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    I will teach you how to fight. First, we must learn to edit battle formations. You can choose to quick dispatch. Campaign can teach you how to battle, without losing soldiers. Click on the tasks to open the tasks page. Complete story mode quests! You can level up quickly by doing so! In the world map, each lord has their own city. The higher the castle level, the more impressive it’s appearance. Players from different alliances can attack each other and raid resources, but remember to scout before doing so! Protecting your city is also important, and you can garrison your city walls or request garrison from your alliance.

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    Tips: click on the tasks and you can get some help.Take part in events to get ultimates. Follow recommended quests to develop the city. As long as your castle and camps are levelled up, you can train your soldiers to be stronger. Soldiers are warriors, good at shielding and close combat attack. Archers are better at long attacks and can cause great damage. eou only need to consume a certain amount of hero skill books to upgrade hero skill. Your heroes have become stronger and you can get gifts and skill books from other areas next time.

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    1. tkdB62cJPv - contract scroll
    2. uR3orEhio1 - crystal
    3. r5rSMUx3SM - unlimited resources
    4. LbNuZ06hIn - chest treasure
    5. agOd1xQwhg - instant upgrade
    6. XpYngaqn6L - super gel
    7. buZtKJQ6ru - colors ore
    8. QlgfCM4Emc - level up
    9. IvkYVylUpF - vip

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