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    The formidable orc invasion from the North leaves humans on the central continent at a loss. Former royal guard captain Erkel takes the lead and beads to Findel village, the Empire’s strategic point. This game series adapts to the choices you make. The story is tailored by how you play. When the game begins, soldiers will be continuously launched. Drag upward to move the gauge to the marked area. When you increase power, soldiers fly farther. Using charging soldiers consume the gauge. You can’t penetrate thom shields or iron shields.

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    Use the bar on the right to adjust the launching force of the charging soldiers. Commander, you need to adjust the direction where our fleets come, then select a fleet to go into battle! union troops will follow us to leap into battleground. Isawa Rin is a giant planet of Hippocampus alpha systems. Excellent gravitational slingshot effect and complex terrain make it an important strategic stronghold. THe extractors have cllected some crystals and metals, let’s gather these resources to storages.

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    Tips: you get 1 scroll every 30 minutes.Charging soldiers are stronger than regular soldiers. If you use 300 times without renewing the item wheel, the list is automatically renewed. Use the bar on the right to adjust the launching force of the charging soldiers. You can use the normal item wheel 3 times a day for free. Explosion - explodes allies to damage nearby enemies. The item wheel list is renewed automatically once a day. Upgrade the storage to increase its capacity. Please remember to collect resources in time because they stop will work when extractos are full.

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