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    Geirun land of the beginning in darkness. In this unfortunate land, the blessing of Goddess Freyja gave prosperity and richness. Blessing for the thousands of years gave great prosperity to humankind. The existance of the Goddess was slowly forgotten. And the day had come. The devil “harmagedon EI GOut’ came down. The devil destroyed and destroyed Ceirun that no longer had the blessing of Goddess. Humankind could not do anything in front of the great power of the devil. The prayers of the remainings were answered! Forgotten from the memory, even the existance was vague. Goddess of the Freyja had returned.

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    The remainings continued desperate battle with the blessing of the Goddess. The devil was too powerful. In order to stop further harms, Freyja sacrificed her soul to open dimensional gate, and sent the devil back. But without sacred soul, her body was broken into pieces and scattered to the land of Ceirun. The battle between Goddess and Devil was over as it was. Most of the land and people were lost by the great earthquake. The truncated right arm of the devil has been found in 5000 years. Batoriyan, Queen of Bassulan was successful in getting the devil’s power. Insane Batoriyan finally built the Devil’s army, and declared a war to build Bassulan empire. Ceirun again became a land of death. But there still is a hope. There are many heroes inherited the soul of Goddess Freyja.

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    Tips: legend hero has special buff, heroes can use buff during the game. Complete achievements and get more rewards. Press down enables combo attack. Higher account level gives attribute points. hero alliance effect with heroes combinations. Additional abilities are revealed when located under own hero. Each dungeon has certain conditions to gain hidden rewards. Hero level cannot exceed account level. Soul stones are needed to collect more heroes. You can collect soul stones from free draws. If you want to know details about heroes, click icons. You can use change leader function to select desired look in square. If you want to know details about the battlefield click magnifying glass icon. You can win easily if you know about the battle in advance.

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    6. UDI7J4q5UD - stamina energy
    7. 1mTBDtXshu - premium pack
    8. XtUB8llBUs - epic hero
    9. AGD5d584qh - level up

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