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    Death knight - tough, durable warrior that can both see in the dark and break entire rows of diamonds. Warden - resolute guardian that can stun enemies briefly with a swing of his mighty weapon. Ranger - gunning bounty hunter skilled at replacing things: like diamond colors or, for instance your coins. Whispering necklace - wearing this simple looking necklace makes the wearer hear strange voices in their head. Ruby ring - a magical ring from the eastern reaches that magically enhances attacks of the wearer.

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    Let me give you a piece of advice before going back to the castle. Click icon on upper left corner and you can easily go back to the castle. If you enchant your weapon there will be no enemies to be afraid of. Enchant your weapon and take enemies out easily. If you continue to enchant, you will see your heroes become stronger. You can also check info of your heroes and upgrade skills. If you have skill points and gold you can easily upgrade skills. If you upgrade skills, you can defeat enemies faster, don’t forget to upgrade.

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    Tips: collect 10 keys to open the key chest. Watch an ad to spin the wheel and win great prizes. Fuse items to make one of them more powerful! Fusing item will transfer all its cards to another item of your choice. Chapter menu - there are records of types of enemies and various rewards. Please read them when you have time. Ultimate skill gauge is filled when monsters are hunted. Daily mission can be played daily. When left from a guild, you need to wait 1 day to join another guild. When hero health point is low during the battle you can change to other heroes.

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    1. EdO5MGG5Xb - treasure
    2. x0Qd7E2XXq - legendary chest
    3. SZFbqkwsdE - gems
    4. jFMZ0OKFDa - keys
    5. AIw9qGZwVV - gold
    6. GkwA9N35Si - upgrade
    7. zxRGwTVxHi - epic weapon
    8. GkiEd1lbDN - free spin
    9. t9RhUMundz - open now

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