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    it is time to race in the grand prix. Remember, your car automatically accelerates to its top speed. Tap or hold screen to rev your engine. The more you fill the meter, the better your launch! Tap the left side of your screen to turn left. You can hold down on the screen to make sharper turns. Each coin pickup gives you 10 coins. NOS bottles help fill your boost meter. Swipe up to boost. Use tuning points to level up your car! Cars you race with earn tuning points automatically, but you also earn some that can be stored and used later.

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    Build equipment from car parts you earn from racing. There are four types of equipment: engine, frame, airflow, and drive train. Each type boosts a specific stat. Don’t forget to rev your engine and get a good launch. While in the air, swipe left, right or down to perform a trick! Stick the landing to gain boost! Mess up and take damage. Swipe left to do a barrel roll! You lose durability whenever you hit an obstacle or wall. Pick up repair kits to repair your vehicle. Need supercharged tokens? You can find them in elite campaign stages and the daily quest board. Every car takes a certain number of blueprints to be built. Once you’ve earned enough, claim it from the cars menu.

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    Tips: want free gems and other rewards? Visit the free section to learn how. If you want to be the best you’ll have to do more than win circuit races. There are six car classes: street, GT, off road, drift, drag, and endurance. Each has its own pros and cons. Off road class car - it excels at traveling through rough terrain, but proper airflow can be a challenge. There are four major terrain types - mud, water, snow, and sand. Your car’s terrain bonus can protect you from the effects of most terrain. However, special terrain like Oil and lava can’t be countered. Race in limited time events to earn huge amounts of coins and tuning points, or even exclusive cars. Cars come with four sockets, which can be outfitted with stat-changing mods. Earn additional blueprints for cars you already own to unlock more sockets.

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    6. J5klt3bdRd - mods
    7. 59LCDUb3iN - blueprints
    8. rgsUjT25Ma - level up
    9. 43Nt2a1vAd - upgrade

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