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    . Last Day Alive cheat hack code - crates, no reload, clip size 999, cash, oil, upgrade, food, credits, gold.

    Can anyone read me? I’m cheat-on, and i’m being swarmed by zombies right outside! Please help me! The pandemic that started 6 years ago decimated 98% of world population and left the world in ruins. We landed our chopper when fuel dropped low. We were going to refuel, but then the monsters came out of nowhere! More dead folk incoming! get us outta’ here before it’s too late! If we’re gonna bring in more survivors, we’re gonna need more food. Tap the resource icon to gather the crops. before you proceed with the chooper, there are more pressing needs at hand. We got to secure the supplies and build up our defenses.

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    Some zombies have different weak spots than others. Try to get the explosive one by hitting its stomach. The tab i your sniper score allows you to zoom. Slide it up and down to change zoom magnification. Get your own shotgun in the store. It’s the most efficient weapon to target the close range ones. helicopter machineguns have unlimited ammo, but don’t let them overheat. Some survivors become marauders and earn their living by looting and pillaging. Headshots inflict far more damage to your targets. Line them up to faster kills and better rewards. Upgrade your armory to unlock new weapons and weapon upgrades.

    Last Day Alive - secret code hack tips

    Tips: complete chapter 1 to unlock pvp mode and challenge other players. COmplete chapter 2 to unlock the helicopter and base raid mode. Tap and drag screen to aim. Tap and hold the fire button to shoot. Tap the missile button to fire missiles. Zombies kill you on missions? keep medkits on hand to get you through the toughest first. To upgrade your town center, use the oil you earn by competing story missions. YOu will unlock oil production in no time. During gameplay, ap the gun icon in the top right corner to change your weapon.

    how to enter hack cheats Last Day Alive.

    1. He3hUJZHZw - crates
    2. YbOTb19sGb - no reload
    3. CNpslEDUox - clip size 999
    4. SQ9rkqmjLU - cash
    5. RoHI1YTk10 - oil
    6. 1huCH5pGTo - upgrade
    7. oHm44ONstE - food
    8. BcyqRMWblg - credits
    9. CipVtIv97O - gold

    title: hack Last Day Alive
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