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    My dearest Lusitana: your grandfather will finally retire this month and return home to you. For the last 15 years, the zombies have remained behind the wall. So, i’m sorry to say i won’t be able to regale you the stories of heroic battles with zombies. Desolation wall has been breached. The zombies are here! The enemies aren’t just physically attacking. They’re using dark magic to infect our soldiers with corruption. We must reach the ship so the tale of the northland’s fall can be told.

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    Year 20XX, after Apocalypse day, the world has been overrun by zombies. Slide to the red dot to aim at zombies. Tap the icon to use skill explosive grenade. Upgrade all of your weapons to maximize your team’s power. There are still many survivors out there. Come with me, time to recruit a new member to out team. Keep upgrading your gun. It can help you a lot in battle. Set up your squad first to improve your team power. Swap the current member for the new survivor. A lot of survivors are hiding somewhere out there. Use the radio to recruit them.

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    Tips: complete all challenges to unlock boost mode. Activate it to increase the victory rewards. Medic can heal or even revive wounded teammates. however, she need to be well protected. Open the weapon crate to find a better weapon. Before battle, you can tap to a teammate and choose “set player” to control them in battle. Defender is the shield of your team. He can protect you and blow away all zombies at close range with his shotgun. The cyclops king is a giant zombie boss. It can hurl big rocks at you like a catapult.

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    1. duxsM8tCNU - gold
    2. Y4YCTfq8Rf - upgrade
    3. MDGtTyPMFS - unlock weapon
    4. ANhmWuQCP5 - auto aim
    5. vKRUFDe5th - level up
    6. fgEbaW40PC - increase damage
    7. 7rsqGzLguQ - crates
    8. NTPYqOmgSx - coupon ticket

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