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    Captain, i’ll start the mock battle simulation for the suppression of Bellato rebel forces. First of all, you must use a resource named holymental in battle. You can click the skill button at the bottom. Be careful because the amount of holymental required to use a skill is limited and is different by skill. After using a skill RF Online M, check the amount of decreased holymental. The health point of our tanker is reduced because of the focused attack by enemy. You must restore the tanker to reinforce the front line. The enemy healer protected by a tanker is bothersome. I’ll pull the healer forward to remove it first. The enemy’s link collapsed because the healer in your formation was removed. As a result, their offense power buff is decreased.

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    You can have a link effect by placing heroes in the connected slots of the selected formation. If two heroes are connected, you’ll obtain level 1 link effect. if five heroes are connected, you’ll obtain up to level 4 link effect. The enemy is likely to attack “center slot” because it is a hub of the link. Maintain buff using formation and link! This is the most important thing to win the battle. Don’t forget it. The enemy is intensifying its attack. In this case, we can apply blitz to our forces to strike back. As you can see, you can battle effectively by using various skills formation effects. I’ll provide more detailed information in my briefing. From now on, we’ll advance to Elram republic in order to suppress the Bellado rebel forces.

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    Tips: you can obtain heroes and upgrade hero cores by using hero pieces. In the combat information center, you can see the current formation, information on the enemies, and available rewards. Touch enter the planet to start your mission. Please be fully ready when you face the bosses. When the battle is started, the attack order is determined based on the first attack attribute. The number on the right side of the character’s health point bar is the attack order. Click the speed control button during battle to change the speed of battle. You can play the battle automatically. CLick the auto button on the upper right to play the battle automatically.

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