AION Legions of War
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    Silver knight - the most elite soldiers who serve in the silver legion, under commander Candor, head towards the core of the sky Prison. Where they will try to accomplish the nearly impossible mission that was assigned to them. Commander Candor - the commander of the silver legion, is considered a hero among the Elyos. He is often referred to as the silver guardian thanks to his brave acts of valor on the battlefield AION Legions of War. Candor is also the half brother to Ren, and is the only person who Ren fully trust.

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    The story is broken up into episodes. Quest menu - this is where you can read the background story of the episode. Reward ingo - these are the rewards you will acquire when you complete the episode. Recommended - this is where you can see which particular heroes and equipment will be helpful during the episode. You can complete achievements by accomplishing all kinds of different tasks. After completing these achievements, you’ll acquire rewards and achievement points. There’s always going to be something for you to work towards. As you acquire more achievement points, you can receive additional rewards. The rewards just don’t stop.

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    Tips: when a skill is interrupted, enemies may be inflicted with an abnormal status. When you enhance equipment, there is a chance the level will increase by 2 or 3. You have to spend gold to unseal the confinite. Tap the aircraft to begin your grand adventures in the Abyss. Use link skills on enemies inflicted with knockdown. Critical hits won’t occur during damage over time or recovery over time. You can complete 10 daily quests every day and receive rewards when you complete these quests. If you dedicated enough to complete all 10 daily quests, you can receive additional completion rewards. Don’t worry if there are some quests that are too difficult to complete. You can reset the quests up to 5 times a day for free.

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    6. N2xejKCWGQ - awakening stone
    7. c6yIDs0Lxi - summonite shard
    8. OQKaVu1yYw - rare confinite
    9. ZitmQexfFI - special package

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