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    . Monster Chronicles cheat hack code - gold ticket, friend points, premium summon, gold coins, eggs, level up, upgrade, evolve, gem crystal.

    World story: in a distant world known as Ometia, humans lived alongside strange monsters. Over the years, the humans learnt to tame these monsters even training them as weapons to fight their battles. Some gifted trainers, known as whisperers possessed special powers. Using their gift, they can communicate and control any monster at will. The captured whisperers were exiled.
    Battle Monster Chronicles: tap and hold to select monster. Move your finger in the desired direction and release. Your party is indicated by the green health point bar, while the enemy has a red HP bar. If the enemy is too far away to attack - move closer. Remember, you can only move one square at a time and you cannot move diagonally.

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    You can swipe your unit out of the screen in any of the 4 directions. Form a line of 3 with your units to unleash. Be careful, bosses are stronger than usual monsters. battle other players offline or online in the arena. Receive a free premium summon every 72 hours, common summon every 24 hours and item summon every 3 hours. Are you short on gold coins? Buy more from the shop, hack cheats code or hunt knights in the sunday elemental hall. Chain bar - it charges up every turn for 3 levels and you can only unleash chain skills of the same level or lower when it’s ready. Elemental skills deal bonus damage to weaker monsters. Knockback follows the monster’s element.You can view skills in battle. Select any monster and tap on the skills section.

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    Tips: visit the meat tavern in the town plaza to boost your monster’s attack with meat food items. Power up monsters with beardies to grant much more experience. Select an map area to move to or battle in the arena or dungeon. Summon new items and monsters free every 3 hours. YOu can use a silver ticket or friend points to exchange for a common monster. Power up base monsters and increase their experience by fusing multiple monsters with it. Evolve your characters and watch them become stronger. Make more friends to earn friend points (or hack cheats code) and bring their monsters into battles as helpers.

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    1. F542eohPHI - gold tickets
    2. BaZ6zNdSeQ - friend points
    3. ixtWQ7vclA - premium summon
    4. qP2eVqY44I - gold coins
    5. 3dKlelsEOt - eggs
    6. RzKS8UkvOt - level up
    7. c0f7M5e8xS - upgrade
    8. pfnmseyUDD - evolve
    9. CMgH4O2Y5O - gem crystal

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