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    . Brutal Street 2 cheat free hack code list - evolution material, epic weapon, enhance, evolve, cash money, gem crystal, speed up, increase stats, premium pack.

    Battle tutorial: press the character, drag his target ring to the enemy. Cheerleader, she can’t fight but she can heal. Press the cheerleader, drag her target ring to the boxer. Boxer’s impact skills can knock enemies up in the air and protect allies. Skills with stun, knockup, or knockdown effect can interrupt boss skills. You get equipment from every battle. Later stages give you better equipment. Your equipment Brutal Street 2 won’t lose experience after enhancement. Melee gangsters such as boxer and Yoko can aggro and pull monsters when they attack.

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    Brutal Street 2 cheats android, ios hack codes
    Earn more money, PWR and equipment by challenging the old maps. Don’t forget to check out if there is any better equipment available in the shop. And train your members in skill training. Characters: knife punk - the fastest enemy. Often come in groups and pick off units with low DP, such as healers and gunslingers. Gun punk - uses a gun to attack from afar. Basically a psycho Brutal Street 2. His attacks are random and not affected by aggro. Enhance: any equipment can be used as enhancement material. Equipment can be evolved when it’s been enhanced to maximum level. Evolving an equipment needs materials of the same star level.

    Brutal Street 2 - secret code hack tips

    Tips (android game): skills have cooldowns. Buy some time during battle so you can use skills again. Choose the attributes or skills you want to learn. Remember to confirm after you tap an icon with “+”. Obtain 10 skill points to activate various skills! You can trade diamonds for cash. If you’re having trouble conquering a block, don’t pacin. All you need are more talents and better equipment. Tap and hold the skill icon to select your target during battle. Move the box back to the skill button if you want to cancel. Equipment can be evolved every time it’s been enhanced by 5 levels. Equipment is enhanced by devouring other equipment. All 1 star weapons have active skills.

    how to enter hack cheats Brutal Street 2.

    1. ODLxsfHrRM - evolution material
    2. jJV3bkMlih - epic weapon
    3. PdxDzYWr4z - enhance
    4. DDYSKvY338 - evolve
    5. m1iKeVdv96 - cash money
    6. H6VD5Hj9Vb - gem crystal
    7. mYsSAxPNf4 - speed up
    8. SZ5vf2Ho5e - increase stats
    9. YR8Dw4kE5Q - premium pack

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