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    . Dragon Nest 2 cheat free hack code list - promotion material, skill fragment, gem, gold, premium weapon card, red ruby, treasure chest, level up, coupon ticket.

    World story:one day, i received a report of a dragon at the kingdom’s border. it roared as we approached, through not at us. The beast was already fighting. Imagine our surprise when we found a single human challenging the creature. Geraint finished the dragon, but was terribly wounded in the process. We managed to bring his injured body back to the village. Fortunately, Geraint regained consciousness...But he didn’t remember anything other than his name. We brought him to Lunarheim, hoping something there might spur his memory. However, the village was ambushed, and now survival takes priority.

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    Charactes: Geraint - a vagabond knight who does not remember his own past. he arrives at Lunarheim while traveling to regain his memory. A stylish swordsman that dances circles around his opponents. He wields his blade with strength and grace, and he has yet to lose a fair fight. Marion - a wandering wizard and magical prodigy. She joins the party at the request of a royal mage. An expert at ranged combat, who bombards her foes with a variety of spells. She’s not the type to rush into battle, but with enough time to prepare, her evocations can level the battlefield. Gavel Dragon Nest 2 - a retired mercenary who used to dominate the arena. His village was attacked while he trained as a blacksmith at the Lunarheim smithy. He picked up his axe returned to a life of battle. A warrior who just wants to charge, and crush anyone who gets in his way. Gavel’s always the first one into the light. Well. just behind his axe.

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    Tips (android game): promote gear to increase its rank. Tap the attack button repeatedly, or hold it down to launch combo attacks. Tapping the dodge button moves you in the direction you’re facing and dodges enemy attacks. When a monster attacks, tap the defend button at the right time to counterattack. Tap the skill buttons to unleash powerful skills. When the skill combo gauge hits the proper timing, tap the skill button or the attack button to activate a perfect combo. Skill attack for the next skill is increased, and a super armor effect is triggered on a perfect combo. You can use equipped skills in succession. When the skill combo gauge is in the right range, tap the skill button or attack button.

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    1. Jc8U7dLXDW - promotion material
    2. tU4zaaCX3E - skill fragment
    3. 36D6RgvQcY - gem
    4. 7b8xPJ6fn8 - gold
    5. y1ryAdZCpC - premium weapon card
    6. W5YG7lxAjU - red ruby
    7. p2uNaVQFjG - treasure chest
    8. 2qO3HDeQF7 - level up
    9. mVebZdgj7e - coupon ticket

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