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    . Fire Conflict cheat free hack code list - orange stone, ticket, gold, treasure chest, bound diamonds, enhance crazy pack, rare wings, luxurious gift pack.

    Welcome to the clash of fires. Chinatown just gets assaulted by a group of armed terrorists. Yet to find out, but intelligence shows there is high tech weapon on their side. I believe you remember, hide yourself behind shelter when fire hardly. Don’t fight recklessly. After the interrogation with surviving enemy, as far as we know this is a called “superpotential” mystic organization. THis organization use different kinds of bio experiment method. To modify gene, and make their soldier become a bio human with all kinds of superpower. The huge guy with armour that we come across before, is one of their experiments.

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    Headquarter hopes you continue to eliminate the rest of militants in chinatown. To see if there is any other intelligence. First learn to aim and shoot. The screen center pattern on behalf of sight. Mobile virtual joystick - will be moved to the sight of enemies. An aimed enemy will turn red. Hit the fire button and shoot. Click on the cartridge to keep the bullets full. Weapon: MP5 - recoil is weak, great shooting speed and close distance accuracy made up the deficiency in power.

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    Tips (android game): click pause to adjust sensitivity and sound music. Shoot down the board - it can fall and cause damage. It caused great damage using grenades. Don’t forget to switch shelter to hide when come across grenade and other weapons, be alive to get outcome. Sinpe is powerful, high accuracy, can be used on eliminating long distance enemies. Treasured favorites - everyone in town has their favorite kind of treasure. If you have someone you like, try giving them different types of treasure to see which one makes them happiest.

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    1. x0mtLFNdqs - diamonds
    2. lXCCDJXGxJ - headshot medals
    3. 7eBEXLJIiR - grenades
    4. Jj6RMR4kUl - medical kit
    5. FdAGPkcArS - drill
    6. Zv1trCGa2e - honor
    7. NXMeDaVr0W - gold weapon
    8. ObxcDWns6U - upgrade
    9. fy18UjmgvA -treasure chest

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