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    It all started 3 days ago...A t-rex showed up all of a sudden that day. I remember it slammed the gate then a lot of rage orbs came out. Then it striked with a power strike and destroyed the first egg tower. He tried to attack it with poison arrows but somehow it recovered health point so fast. Then it used a scroll to increase the attack and destroyed so many towers in one go! He tried to stun it but it suppressed us first by destroying the arrow tower. We couldn’t hold him, i was at the frontline of course...

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    Stone tried to summon new dinos when rebuilding the village, but failed.. That’s why we had to ask you for help. I am cheat-on, the dino tamer of the village. The man in front of you is the ex-elder stone and the guy who found you is our postman. The village level is too low, let’s build an arrow tower first. Arrow tower is the basic defense structure, it can attack the enemy really fast. Villagers with the defence type profession will increase defensive structure’s HP and attack when placed in the right buildings. The uppermost information is its stamina. Stamina will decrease when a villager helps with defense, production or go out to a battle. You can see his attack power, HP and his rank in the middle.

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    Tips (android game): clovers from your friends can help recover your dino’s stamina. If you don’t know what to do, look at the recommended missions. The element of a defense buildings is decided by element type of the villagers. If you did not put anything onto the attack queue then the towel will not attack! Defensive structures will bring the village more gold. The more villagers living in them the higher the income. Panel above the tower shows how much gold it will produce and the maximum amount that it can hold. Dino must be in dino zoo for them to go to battle. Dino’s level can not exceed the village level. To reach a certain level also need to eat some specific food in order to continue to grow.

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    1. CJNBMOpWEm - unlimited stamina
    2. xGStmXNL9m - friend points
    3. kF6krjdlez - soul gems summon
    4. F9bdijHmQ6 - ranking points
    5. alou8zQzP4 - epic dino
    6. MrUT4y2LtE - gold coins
    7. 1RU2mkDm2t - level up
    8. b1OGx8lw2z - upgrade

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