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    The holy vessels of the dragons have appeared. We can not let the demons take over the vessels. We have to go there now! The dragon book is the key to open the power of the artifacts. We must destroy it before the demons get it.
    Welcome to Rune island, you have absorbed the power of the dragon and became a dragon warrior. The power of the dragon has been plundered by monster and scattered around the world, please collect it!

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    Dragon Samurai cheats android, ios hack codes
    Characters: vanguard - even the strongest enemy quivers in fear of his merciless great sword. Rogue - agile and versatile, whoever stands in her way halls helplessly. Samurai - lethal in every battles, these fearless fighters have eyes set to kill. Seer - mysterious manipulator of the forces of light and darkness.
    Secrets Dragon Samurai: you can sweep a stage once you clear it with 3 stars. First top up will gives you a mystery bag as an added bonus. Rune can increase the additional attributes of equipment.

    Dragon Samurai - secret code hack tips

    Tips (android game): as your level progress, you can learn different kind of skill with wide variety striking performance. Having an ally is a must have in every battle, you can bring up to 2. According to legends there is no top floor in the abyss tower. If you see a goblin then it means “kill on sight” they took the treasures. Achieve a specific condition can obtain artifact! Artifacts can increase attributes, skill and other bonus! You will get ally’s equip in hell mode. The higher the player level, the higher the level of skills to learn. Increase level can learn different kind of skill, variety performance, advantage for a warrior. Make sure you hack cheats code Dragon Samurai your dailies for free gold and diamonds.

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    1. NJ2oBXhpEs - vip
    2. WFbV5KJSW8 - premium pack
    3. 14JTyYzOqc - diamonds
    4. UZJOvirApp - gold
    5. BVqjwfTY0u - level up
    6. xtXboqbf42 - enhance
    7. IwUF16TY6J - upgrade
    8. qx52X0qhoc - treasure chest
    9. dTi2HeOw9S - summon

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