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    World pre story Dragon Fin Soup: oh thank goodness you’re alive! I’m cheat-on, your guardian spirit! I’m here to help get your sister back! Listen, dragons have returned! We need to scurry to a own quickly! We can save your questions for later! Did you know that it’s sometimes better to wait for an enemy to attack before you attack? A monster’s coming! A red circle shows an enemy’s attack range! Careful of forests too! you can’t see what’s lurking inside!

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    We are aware that you probably don’t want to read through the entire manual, so here are some things you need to know unless you want Red Robin to die many painful, horrific death.Also click and hold left mouse button on the character and drag in the direction you want to face. You can move diagonally, but enemies can’t. Keep your health topped off - but don’t drink too much! You can kick bombs and detonate them with firearms. Foes can’t see you from behind. Some special blocks can be moved or destroyed. Firearms are great for shooting fleeing enemies in the back. Think before you act - you have unlimited time to plan your strategy.

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    Tips (android game): Flame Purr - it burns enemies and weakens their defenses! Gold makes anything stronger, upgrade skills for gold coins. You can learn new spells at other temples. Dragon Fin Soup is turn based! If you take a turn, the foes take a turn. In order to skip a turn you need to press “x” or”.”. You can also left click the turn counter button in the top left corner of the screen. Don’t let monsters sneak up behind you! backstabs cause double damage! You can rotate in place to face your enemies. Hold spacebar and use the directional keys.

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    1. 4tMGwJ4cia - credits
    2. grvYiEpNv2 - gold
    3. XUYH3RVNaO - epic weapon
    4. KaGw5qUqNJ - gear
    5. 0dJgpR3xin - level up
    6. Gk47OA1j8R - upgrade
    7. yOOadoZvJ6 - offline
    8. V24IwbejZC - coupon ticket
    9. HGgUDWil2I - increase stats

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