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    . Hunters League cheat free hack code list - blue chest treasure, package, gold, class points, silver coins, evolve, artifacts, upgrade stone, blue crystal gem, skill point, hearts, legendary core pack, unlimited energy.

    Hello, i’m cheat-on from hunter union. They call me the union’s mentor. I’ve been guiding adventurers just like you who just started the path of master for many years now. We have to escape from circle of enemies, so use group select on the two of them and then move them to the back. The enemies are no longer surrounding us so let’s start by attacking the strongest one! Each weapon skill Hunters League is shining brightly so use them whenever you like. usually, you can’t draw complete weapons from the chest shop. But beginner masters are specially allowed to draw them. The thing about blue chests is that you can get even rarer items than from gold chest.

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    The most important thing for hunters is to collect and grow weapons! And the most important thing for weapon growth is evolution! In dungeon, which are unlocked on team level 12, you can obtain dungeon coins, as well as purchase weapon evolution cores in the dungeon shop. THe chance to get great skins and weapons. I’m referring to the 8 day log-in, of course. There are even better rewards awaiting you if you log in regularly. Hunter skins can generally be obtained in mid realm boss challenge and the chest shop.

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    Tips (android game): hold - the hunters are staying in one place and attacking within range. Enemy strikes - use select all button and dodge at once. The more wanted monsters that you hunt, the more wealth and fame you enjoy. Quests for hunter masters - you can craft and evolve many weapons from the rewards earned here. Changing the leader means not only changing the positions, but also changing the leader passive skill, which affects the whole team. Cores are for crafting or evolving weapons. When you evolve a weapon, there are significant benefits, such as amplifying the weapon’s stats and unlocking new skills for the weapon. Weapons which can be evolved are specially marked to make them easily recognizable.

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    1. kF6GHs2PjT - blue chest treasure
    2. 9VPshYPquH - package
    3. I5Ny7v2kSF - gold
    4. 5PgkHWaXmS - class points
    5. Axc5emckiN - silver coins
    6. HHNzv8ifNv - evolve
    7. pAVp2Uzy42 - artifacts
    8. xdmq0f8L2Q - upgrade stone
    9. j3dCEz7pTU - blue crystal gem
    10. mQVWD4xhFX - skill point
    11. RGSptlzpHr - hearts
    12. fImIIaNFHy - legendary core pack
    13. 4PsZh80ASN - unlimited energy

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