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    World story: it’s not the time for the nap! We’re running out of time! You’ll be sick if you fall asleep on the cold ground! Glad to see you wake up. We have no time to ruin. before we jump into the story, i would like to know whether you remember how to move. Move your touchpad to control the character. You can do combo attack when you touch attack button repeatedly. Use roll to evade spells! Roll is crucial way to avoid dangerous situation. You should use it well.
    You will give a hand to recover the crysis which came to sky island. For this, you will get some quests from several people. Quest is some kind of mission for you. Have you ever heard of dungeon? It is the dark place on the ground driven by the dark force. There are several monsters and bosses awaits for you. YOu need to deal with them. There are several area and there are 10 dungeons in each area. You can move to another area after clearing 10 dungeons in one area. You need stamina to enter the dungeon. You can wait till its regeneration, hack cheats code Hero x Hero or buy stamina potions in case your stamina is not enough.

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    Characters: close combat master with his sword and shield. he is a fearless swordsman with superior defense and AE attack. Hunter who eliminates opponents in distance with his bow. he becomes stronger when he meets strong enemies. Tyria - witch who uses dark power. She possesses huge power insider her and pour it to her opponent to death. Marin - mace master although her cute looking. She blows off numerous foes at once with an electric strike. Carly - assassin who eliminates opponents with swift movement. her opponent will not even recognize her when she is about to kill him. You can get higher rank rune in random when you synthesize runes.

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    Tips: your stamina become refilled whenever your level goes up! You can evolve items with materials. There are three kinds of pets - aggressive, defensive, support. You can acquire stars when you clear several conditions in each dungeon. There are 3 stars in each dungeons, and you can acquire 30 stars in one area. You need to clear the dungeon with 3 star to use continuous dungeon play. There are green, blue, purple, gold and red grade in equipments. Each dungeon has least level limit. And you can measure the difficulty by checking recommended HS. You can get repeat reward when you clear the same dungeon multiple times.

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    1. nLgbidCyEQ - chest treasure
    2. nf86NfRbhB - gold
    3. HMX5zcrzZE - unlimited stamina
    4. xbkeiSvvmG - runes
    5. v1ReSpVfkg - pets
    6. PxWUDNqqII - gem crystal
    7. CGqJMT65Ed - upgrade
    8. IUOqp2ZW0M - evolve
    9. dkyDonIME9 - ticket
    10. ZjfqrnL0m7 - voucher coupon

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