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    In the long history of Tales of Thorn, there are 4 strong legions. For bigger power and resources they enter endless conflicts. Until that day the nightmare starts from the flaming forest. World’s capital has witnessed its own huge fall. Put down your hate and prejudice, heroes start to unite. The demon king had been sealed in this last long battle. Now the demon king’s army remains on the land. The demon king’s power seems to awake bit by bit. New story already began...
    Sakura leader’s exclusive weapon, this blade can deal multiple damages to nearby enemies, and its damage increases over distance. The damage Sakura deals increases over distance. hammers are slow, but their range is wide and their attack is fatal.

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    Thunderclap - when there is thunder, the blade will attract lightning, so the user of this weapon must be careful. Before entering the battle, you can change your main weapon. Main weapon will change the battle stances and moves. Each type of weapon’s attack is different. Choose the one that suits you most as your main weapon. There are 4 gear rarity tiers: uncommon, rare, epic, legendary. The power of the Nymph can pass through the anomalous world to summon gear that possess soul skills. Use your destiny card to summon gears in the portal for free. You can use combat assistance function< you can still manually release the skill.

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    Tips: upgrade card to increase combat power. Craft weapons with unlocked diagrams. Collect gear set to become stronger. Upgrade your gear skill by consuming the same gear piece. Choose talents to build your ultimate character. Gears can be upgraded by gear upgrade materials or hacked cheats code mod. Bone bludgeon skills can cause burn effects. Roll to dodge attack, and use skill to deal massive damage. Hold the skill button, skill will be released continuously until magic is ran out. You are the first one to wield the weapons so good. From now on, you are a member of our legion.

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    1. c8Xn817yox - unlimited keys
    2. Zwdn0XBwRv - arena talents
    3. KmBd6ntoo8 - summon 10 times
    4. qBLdob8zkx - rubies
    5. vXT9oo8v4B - destiny card
    6. QyQAEUfXZM - materials
    7. TUfVDxMLaP - legendary weapon
    8. 9YrRhgIklt - upgrade

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