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    Welcome back to the capitol. Unfortunately there is no time to waste - the enemy is at our doorstep. Our armies at least a day’s march away, so for now it will be up to you to stop the enemy. Controls: press the arrows to snap to and cycle through targets. Weapons have different effective ranges. You can see the range of enemies by the colored arrows over their banners. Move into effective range of the enemy militia. Your nobleman is also a skilled swordsman. Enemy militia are weak and already damaged, so melee is an easy way to quickly destroy them. Once in melee, you will be locked into combat - so be careful when initiating a close combat charge.

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    While melee is mostly automatic, defense and critical strike icons will randomly appear - tap them quickly to block hits and do critical attacks. Supplies include powerful items, units, and resources. Once a unit is unlocked, they are permanently available to fight in battles. The stars at the top represent morale - every time an army takes damage, morale is reduced, as armies lose morale, they take more damage and fight worse. Special ammo - there are several types, each giving powerful advantages in battle, you can find special ammo in supply crates, or buy it in the ammo shop. The army with the highest morale at the end of the battle timer wins the battle. Weapon modules are permanent upgrades for nobleman’s weapons. They can affect damage, range, ammo, and rate of fire - and can be found in supply crates or the warshop.

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    Tips: commands - tap a unit to select it, then tap anywhere to order them to run there. You can add up to 2 waypoints at a time. While selected on a unit, tap an enemy to force target them. You can remove the waypoints and re-enable auto movement by deselecting the waypoint toggle. Special ammo - you have some high explosive rounds you collected earlier - try using them to quickly eliminate enemy groups. Just a few shots can devastate an entire enemy squad. You can also engage auto battle at any time - freely rotate the camera to watch the battles unfold. You can see more info about your nobleman - including stats, classes, and weapons - by tapping your nobleman’s at the top left. Your units gain experience after each victory. Upgrading units permanently improves all units of that type, in all battles. Units are the individual regiments, weapons, and vehicles that armies are made of.

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