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    World tutorial story Pocket Hospital: my dear boss! My name is cheat-on, your loyal assistant! Let me help you to build the greatest hospital ever. First, we need a reception tap on the build icon to open construction menu. Hold the reception and slide to move it, and then tap on the “ok” button to place it down. You need a nurse working at reception to deal with patients. Tap on the recruit icon to open hire mune. Check out the attributes before hiring one. Some nurse may have skills, they are able to handle specific facilities. Place the nurse at the reception or put her anywhere. She will get to the vacant position to start her job. Now let’s continue to build a GP’s office to diagnose your patients. Open a door for your GP’s office. Tap the flashing wall to put the door where you want it.

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    Buildings: reception - your patient’s first step in this hospital. GP’s office - patients receive their initial consultation here. Basic diagnosis - to perform advanced diagnosis for the patients. The pharmacy is the first treatment room you can build in your hospital. Pharmacy - a nurse dispense drugs and treat patients in the pharmacy.
    Secrets Pocket Hospital: You need a doctor working in the GP’s office. Tap on the recruit icon to hire. A successful Boss hires the most suitable talents within his budget. Place the doctor anywhere in your hospital, he’ll find the nearest room he can handle. You can set visitor flow of your hospital. Set visitor flow to normal to open your hospital to visitors.Congratulations! It’s the first day of opening! patients are coming to your hospital from everywhere.

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    Tips: a patient’s morale can be affected by plants, heaters, staffs’ attribute, duration of treatment, and whether he\she has a seat while waiting. Give bonuses to your staff to boosts their morale. With more patients in your hospital, you’ll need to place more plants to keep a good greening status. You can check your current greening status on the board standing outside the hospital gate. Energy hack cheats code - fully recover all staff’s energy and mood points. The more patients you have in a hospital, the more plants and heaters you place to maintain a good green and warm. Greening has an direct effect an patient’s mood. The warm point reflect the patient’s mood which affected by the warmth.

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    1. 4trMOLHdEK - runes
    2. IrK9xPQzjq - cash money
    3. RGenDgcpMy - gem crystal
    4. t5R76KVbLh - speed up
    5. vQK4IBBEzj - upgrade
    6. aqSdIOvlTR - level up
    7. DpB5GLT7mQ - ability points
    8. GnJaYTqhca - unlimited energy
    9. f3srN8QVNP - vip pack
    10. zERJQln9QX - tickets

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