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    World tutorial story CHAOS RINGS 3: the time has come for you to fulfill the ancient promise.You must go now. Marble Blue, the sparkling blue mother planet, awaits. All that you know, and all that you feel. All that brings you joy, and all that fills you with rage. All that you gain, and all that you lose. All are the foundations of the world as it must be. Now open your eyes. Your story is about to begin.

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    The blue and orange arrows on maps indicate area waypoints and places you can investigate. Orange arrows mark the shortest route to a destination and the location of key figures in the game. If you are unsure of what to do, try following an orange arrow. An exclamation point (!) appears when your character approaches a person or object of interest. Tap the screen while the exclamation point is displayed to examine the object or talk to the character. Combat is turn based. Once you decide your character's’ actions, each of the foes and allies will act in turn, depending on their speed parameter. The higher the speed, the sooner a character or monster can act.

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    Tips: in a town, touching the screen displays a control pad which you can use to move your character. Examine ladders to ascend or descend to different levels. New Paleo consists of multiple areas that you can visit by tapping their respective icons. icons with Next displayed are either event locations or locations that will move the story along. You can equip genes CHAOS RINGS 3 in your possession by selecting switch on the camp menu. The strength and available skills of your characters depend on the level of their genes and the skills they have learned. Maximum level and learnable skills are affected by rarity. There is chance of a joint strike when two or three members of your party use the same magic attack on the same target. When a joint strike occurs, the character who acts first will deliver a powerful strike that combines the magic of all other characters.

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    8. ircTSmFTbU - vip membership
    9. 0OC1KlGCsF - genes
    10. SxgqmSvlfh - OZ

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