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    World tutorial story Smash Robots: boss, let’s make our entry into the championship. World map - this is where we pick our fights and win rewards to progress in the championship. We earned a good deal of gold from our wins. Let’s upgrade robot to take on the champions ahead. Let’s upgrade often to make every victory a great one. Events are a great source of gold, gems and experience points. They also give us a chance to win pro robots and research.

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    Zang and his champions are known to be brutal. Let’s upgrade, research, boost our robots often to win against them. Items: processor - multicore reflex processor. Increase quick attack damage. Chassis - titanium armored framework. Increases health. Turbocharge - high torque servo system, increases attack speed. All parts - multimodal enhancements - unlock the full potential of the robot.

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    Tips: press the blue button to perform quick attacks, red - heavy attacks. Press and hold green button to block opponent’s quick attacks. Attacking generates special ability points. Fight and fill the ability bar. press the ability button to perform the robot’s unique ability. Perform quick and heavy attacks to defeat the opponent.

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    5. gIwlj5RnO2 - gold
    6. nEiKoqFyrU - ticket
    7. AkShqbLr1e - premium pack
    8. TmAmhI1p4s - offline mode
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