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    World characters Rings of Anarchy: Aella the mercenary of the wilderness Aella will do anything she can to go head to head with powerful opponents. She left her vagabond lifestyle and came to this land after hearing of the Crown League, which would provide her no shortage of opponents. She is excited to show just how much damage can cause with her bow. Leon - the conqueror, having conquered the entirety of his homeland. Leon crossed the seas to this land in order to continue his conquest. A true king, he always fights on the frontlines, making great efforts to protect his allies.

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    Skills: warrior - bloody strike - strikes the ground with great force to unleash a ground shaking bloody power. Thorn of soul - destroys all enemies with the power of the dragon soul. Falling slash - slashes at the ground to deal a critical hit to the enemy. Archer - arrow shower - unleashes an arrow shower to reap the life of nearby enemies. Penetration - shoots an electrified arrow at the enemy’s weak spot. Natural realm - concentrates the power of nature into the shape of an arrow to destroy all target enemies. mage - doom slash - summons a thunderstorm to imprison all evil spirits within range. Light wave - summons a holy light purify all enemies ahead. Flame shade - draws power from nature to strike the enemy with fire and lightning.

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    Tips: rune tower possesses might power but it was occupied by evil force. Destroy this tower to get the mysterious power. New class - mage is coming! You can change class to mage with items, no need to recreate a new character. Rings are scattered all over the world. You will meet with Spiritus after completing the zone quests. A hero cannot fulfill their duty if they watch from the sidelines while their allies battle. it is through fighting alongside their comrades that they earn the right to be called a hero.

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