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    World story Future Strike: in 2072 aliens invaded destroying our homes and taking our resources. Alien viruses, monsters, mutant constructs humanity had entered its final days. But with genetically enhanced soldiers and advanced mech weaponry the armageddon counter strike was close at hand. Heroes may die, but their deeds shall last forever! Countless tropers laid down their lives. Humanity has defended its homeworld valiantly - Earth will never fall to alien scum! You have a new mission, Siren city’s satellite position was destroyed by frisky zombies. You’ve got to reactivate it! Be careful though - the city is literally crawling with zombies.

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    Weapon^ regular grenade - defensive type hand grenade with significant killing power inside the effective radius. Press and hold the grenade button, move to aim then release to launch projectile. Jump pack - device that assists with high speed jumps, permitting characters to leap over obstacles and get out of sticky situations.
    Characters: flamethrower - england’s most wanted. Fury was Ace’s former mentor and benefactor. SHe was the former head of the knight’s circle, but with some reason fury and her friend Azel broke off to form the new dawn coalition. Joker - the masked assassin. Joker is the new dawn coalition’s man collaborator. All that is clear that she only likes things that she finds interesting, and if they aren’t she will find a way to make them interesting.

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    Tips: achievements are richly rewarded. Drag the left to move, drag the right to shoot. Enhance weapon supplies to boost your power. Use field medipacks to heal allies. Stage stars, earned by completing challenges multiple times. To celebrate we have prepared some gifts for you that are guaranteed to increase your firepower.

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    1. BL2PkpTQLJ - unlimited stamina
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    5. 3mRNYk0gps - gold
    6. oUSj9xxvrw - gem crystal
    7. lJsbib4LXF - monthly card
    8. YSZkw0Xjhu - vip status
    9. lhXuorWgF0 - tickets

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