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    World story Terra Battle 2: break the law, and punishment awaits you. That’s something we all knew. But, only the courageous may see what lies beyond. Which is why, i…. Terra...in this world, evil turns to stone and lay dormant. The pure will light up and awaken. But beware, an aura too strong gives life to god and evil. Light gives birth to darkness, and darkness gives light its form. The place to which we must return, the place from where we must depart. To our world...Terra. Adventures in Terra take place on a field map with pieces like this one. What powerful foes and epic loot lie ahead? First, let’s cover moving around: after you move, enemies get to move. It’s turn-based system, you see.

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    There’s a limit to the time you can move, but the timer won’t start until a piece moves, so feel free to look before you leap. Try holding down the piece and moving it to a light blue square. By the way, your turn ends when you release your finger, even if some time is left. You can move diagonally in addition to up, down, left and right. One more thing: you may find obstacles on the field map. If you run into one, you’ll lose a good chunk of time. Keep your eyes on the road. If the timer runs out because of contact with an obstacle, you’ll be pushed back into the map. Next, i’ll explain the magnet feature. On the field hack cheat Terra battle 2, you can attract friendly pieces to you like a magnet that will follow you around for the rest of the turn. A character can equip up to four companions. Companion skills provide benefits such as stat increases or elemental resistances. Use mighty or a Zapper when upgrading for a huge boost.

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    Tips: the blue frame is the battle box. Squeeze both your enemies and allies in there. After the battle box appears, start the battle with a tap on the sword button. You can swap places with some enemies by moving into their space. Purple ones won’t budge, though! Weapons increase damage done (ATK/MATK), while armor decreases damage taken (DEF/MDEF). Equipment also boosts the range of guardian’s skills. The main hand weapon provides 100% of its ATK/MATK and boosts skill range. The off hand weapon Terra Battle 2 provides 50% and does not boost skill range. Equip the weapon mastery skill to receive the boost from the off hand weapon. Range boosts from weapons only apply to one of the four classes of skills: mega, giga, tera, or peta. The applicable class is listed below the range. For example, this weapon increases the range of mega skills by one tile in each direction.

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