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    . Bloody Z ZOMBIE STRIKE cheat free hack code list - gold coins, money, timed items, booster units, premium pack, bottle caps, upgrade, speed up.

    World story Bloody Z ZOMBIE STRIKE: i am cheat-on and i will help you find your way around here. First of all you need to open the old fire department once again. It is the perfect spot for your command center. You should continue to gradually expand your settlement. The easiest way is using the build menu. Before a fight starts, you can distribute your units at will. You start the fight by pressing the fight button. You can recruit new survivors in the sidebar. You can switch between the map and your own settlement using the button in the bottom right corner. And should you know what to do, you can always find me in the sidebar. I virtually always have work for you. Good luck.

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    Bloody Z ZOMBIE STRIKE cheats android, ios hack codes
    Buildings: hideout - your people hide goods and money in this old fire truck. In an attack, a large share of your property will be protected. The protected amount increases with each level. Generator - keep the generator running and your little settlement can remain productive. When the generator performance sinks, so will productivity. Fire station - is your command center. To expand buildings, the level of your fire station needs to be upgraded regularly. Additionally, you can unlock units here as well.

    Bloody Z ZOMBIE STRIKE secret code hack tips

    Tips: you can leave most screens using the ‘X’ button in the upper right corner. Units: survivors - are your attack characters. These men do the dirty work for you.
    Money: bottle cap storage - you can store the bottle caps (money), you have earned from your transactions. Accommodation - you can keep survivors for your attacks here. You have several survivors available at each level. Book stores - in a 100% analog world, printed maps and books are now extremely valuable. Farm - vegetables fill people up and supply necessary vitamins.

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    1. OEN8FBzI9G - gold coins
    2. PKwyR8PRTx - money
    3. ew1nWsMgSw -timed items
    4. FhbkribFwr - booster units
    5. i1P2TQOegv - premium pack
    6. LSqk7VUuYj - bottle caps
    7. JPwH3INwWg - upgrade
    8. XmVHQ6s4nh - speed up

    title: hack Bloody Z ZOMBIE STRIKE
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