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    World story Knight Of God: I dreamed. The goddess was crying. Many people grieved that the demons were being torn down. In order to drive out the evil devils in the world, we said we should build up our strength. Artifact that God gave me. We must gather the souls of the demons in this artifact. Let’s defeat demons! We will never fall. it’s the new android world. You must recruit knight to join forces to defeat evil, press the dice tab. You can do dice for free every hour. Get character’s growth strength. Growth is the rate of growth of the stat as the level of the article increases. You can check the active skill of the selected knight.

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    Note, secrets: you can find knights that are synergistic if you look at many of knight’s active and passive skills. In the character list below, select the hero you want to go and press go. Press knights’ icon on the team to activate skill. Try holding down the characters’ icons on your team for 2 seconds. You can use three quick buttons: auto, info, change. You can see details of hero in the info window (upgrade, gradeup, etc). Higher dice level increased chance of upper classes. Dice level 5 and above appearance of 5 star at elite recruitment.

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    Tips: active skill level increase to level 2 when knight’s grade is 3 star, and level 3 when it’s 6 star. The higher the soul level, the higher the soul level passive skill level in team buff. Five times of reinforcement are required for promotion. You should earn the experience points for promotion. You can apply up to three auto skills (vip or hack cheats code up to five). The evil soul in the artifact given by God is cleaned up through rebirth. You can acquire the soul power through rebirth. Develop the strength of the knights by gathering the soul power. (rebirth 10 stages possible).

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