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    World history Battle of Heroes: Wait! Something's not right, i sense a disturbance. Demons? The wind hasn’t seen demons in over centuries! Wait, could it be? So our greatest fear has now become true. The demon lord infections resurrection turned the tide of the war in their favor indeed. I must not stall. I must eliminate him once and for all before it’s too late!
    Long age, when chaos plagued the lands of humanity, the demon lord burst forth, plunging Aecon into the last war. After the demons were vanquished, thousands years later, their bloodlust has yet to ceased...The demon lord has returned.

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    Characters: Gale reaver yazan - a swordsman wielding the wind to fight his foes. Follow his ancestor, Yazan set out to serve justice. Night hunter Vera - A master of shadows who uses crossbow. Vera strikes fear into the heart of those lost to darkness. Stormfury Joella - many were fooled by Joella’s beauty and merely testing their luck against a true force of nature. Chancellor Zhou Li - a battle hardened warrior who wades into the thick of battle and lays waste to all foes.
    Class type Battle of Heroes: attack - high physical damage but low on HP and are vulnerable to enemy skill. Defense - high survival abilities with crowd control skill, but has low damage output. Magic - high damage, crowd control from skill but is fragile, heavily dependent on cooldown. Support - can recover, buff allies or debuff enemies, but can’t work alone. Universal - well balanced, easy to use but hard to utilize perfectly.

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    Gameplay secrets tip: use virtual analog on the bottom left to move character. Use attack button to defeat the enemy. Use hero’s skill to deal massive damage with bonus effect to enemy. Learn how element counter works: stronger elements deal 30% extra damage, weaker - 30% less damage (except dark and light). Neutral elements have no counter element. Goddess Ipna has bestowed us the ability to summon helping heroes from other dimension, why don’t you try summoning one for the battle ahead. You have a new helper for the battle, but then, the hero will need to rest for 12 hours before summoning again. Special quest list - complete each of them and you will get the rewards to become stronger. You can always swap heroes in our camp whenever you feel tired or to utilize new strategies. Higher power team more resource in mining mode. remember to collect them regularly.

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