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    World history Chronicles of Heaven: the long time ready devil shattered the seal, committing sins in this world. Helpless humans, send warriors to the altar of God. Stealing the “heart of heaven” is the last hope of protecting this world. However, things are not as simple as they seem….In the chaos, the broken holy stones from heaven scattered to every corner of the world. Humanity has set foot on the search for the “ heart of heaven” and the journey to save the world.
    Tutorial: tap the attack button to attack monsters, hold to attack continuously. The attack of the third segment will deal higher damage. use powerful skills to destroy monsters.

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    Chronicles of Heaven cheats android, ios hack codes
    Gameplay secrets: skill runes can change skill effects. A reasonable choice of skill runes can make fighting easier. Fight in arena, experience the fun of matching PVP in real time, and even win Valkyrie shards. The most powerful boss and the high quality gem are available in the daily monster invasion! Equipment enhance cannot only improve your combat power, but also make your weapon shining.
    Characters Chronicles of Heaven: Warrior - born with passion, use two handed axes and a master of melee combat; paladin - the guard of holy light, a master of hammer, trained to use the light power in melee; assassin - sneak about the battlefield, wield dual blades, a master of assassination and poison; hunter -ranged, expert in bows, a master of ranged shooting and trap; mage - master of mystery, expert in wand, a master of ranged magic attack; priest - incarnation of holy and darkness, use a stave, expert in shadow attack and holy defense.

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    Tip: want to know how powerful you are? Explore the world tree to prove yourself! The higher the floor you challenge, the more great rewards you can earn. Equipment enhance cannot only improve your combat power, but also make your weapon shining. Envying others’ dazzling golden equipment? Casting can make you break through the limit of equipment enhancement, improving your equipment’s attri greatly. Want to improve your CP quickly? Enchanting is your perfect choice. Complete battle to get rewards as gold, experience and random loot. Not enough gold? Use cheats hack code and don’t miss out the treasure cave once a day. Mountains of good is waiting for you.

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    1. mtn7YTqy9h - unlimited vitality energy
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    3. j4kSOjk7uq - skill points
    4. J8JykK2mDQ - gold
    5. DuAfaxSkXE - rune
    6. quNkkuOfFx - valkyrie shards
    7. T50rNadOaY - amulet chest
    8. VtXZ6CMJu0 - special prize
    9. DDsmqqBF1F - diamonds
    10. it1HPEVqYP - element pack
    title: hack Chronicles of Heaven
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