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    Knightfall Rivals world history: welcome home, commander! We’ve been eagerly awaiting your arrival. Since the end of the Crusades, the templar order has fallen into even darker times. With your guidance and influence even nobility might be inclined to aid us! You must choose your allies wisely, the fate of our stronghold, and this order, hang in the balance. In your absence, we’ve managed to gather a small force to our cause. Let me show you what they’re capable of. Drag unit cards onto empty squares to capture and perform an attack. Sword units - attack touching card edges. if the attacker has a higher value, the card is captured. Lance units - attack the rear facing side of the opponent's card.

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    Gameplay secrets: lance units are useful to take cards that have weaker numbers on the back side. Ranged characters - attack units 1 extra position away. Flail units - attack the lowest value of neighbouring cards. When the board is full and the losing player can not take control, the match is over. Collecting rewards - tap your chest to start unlocking it. Once it is unlocked, open the chest to claim your reward. As you level up, you will unlock new characters. Tap your portrait to change cards. Chain captures - make it possible to capture multiple cards in a straight line. If two opponent cards are in a row, both can be captured if the sum of them defending values is less than your attacking value.
    Characters: Queen Joan - discard up to all 5 cards at the start of the game.

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    Tip: keeping a balanced deck can help win games. Weapon cards are most useful when the board is near full. Upgrade cards to improve their stats and to access abilities. Winning the coin toss lets you choose to play first or second. If you want more information about a card, tap and hold it. Place poison cards on to your opponent’s units to weaken or destroy them. Cards are destroyed when any of their stats reach o. Poison cards also let you play again. If card have a swap ability - it lets you switch positions with any neighbouring card. As you hack cheats code and earn chests, you will unlock many new cards with powerful abilities. You can mix and match cards to build your own strategy. A full deck of 15 cards is needed to battle others.

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    1. HNQMhJQq36 - king chest
    2. kKKvrpr3gp - upgrade
    3. fhhfA7rOQQ - legendary card
    4. r3xhHBlsku - gold
    5. UrVI9SR6ul - silver coins
    6. 9vJI6OtU57 - level up
    7. 4CX2K6IACz - grand master treasure
    8. 2JMfnOBj3t - offline mod
    9. 2Xbip8h5jM - premium pack

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