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    War Wings world history: when i came back to our squadron, i found the enemy destroyed my homeland. Unaware, my comrades sacrificed. My country was torn apart, but somehow i am still alive. The war is not over. Our battle will continue. Okay pilot, this is your first mission. I am training officer, my call sign is cheat-on. I know you’ve come a long way to fight here and that you’re eager to get some action. I’m sure you’ll be getting kills soon enough. Before all that, get familiar with the plane you’re flying. YOu can modify your control type or invert the Y-Axis by accessing the pause menu in-game or by accessing the settings menu in the hangar. Play attention to the heart indicator around your crosshairs, sustained fire can overheat your guns and deplete your ammo quicker.

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    Enemy plane - the number below the name indicates how far away it is from you. Line your crosshairs up with the target, pull the trigger, and let the on-board weapons take care of the rest. Select the nation you want to fight for in the game, new pilot. This flag will be shown in PvP matches and leader boards. Choose it and honor it. Choose a plane amongst 4 tier 1 fighters. It will be granted to you for free and it will unlock one branch of the tech tree for you. Each technology branch has its unique strength and weakness, but none of the in game content will be kept from you because of the plane you chose.

    War Wings Planes: british planes have a good balance of speed, maneuverability, and firepower. Their planes are easy to steer than other countries, and the spitfire series was famous all over the world during WWII. German planes are better at climbing and faster than any other countries. Pilots often use different energy tactics such as Boom and Zoom. Some series like Bf109 have good roll speed, so you can use it horizon Scissors to shake your target away and shoot it down. American planes carry large amounts of ammunition and constructed wither thicker armor than other countries. Often action as a guard for some famous plane series such as the P40, P51, P47 as the United stated army air forces. Soviet planes have the most powerful weapons, are easy to maintain and repair. Their guns have the faster rate of fire of all the other countries. But, they lack speed, and do not handle well.

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    Tip, gameplay secrets: choosing a special painting scheme will change the look of your plane and help you express your individuality. It’s dangerous to stay in enemies’ line of sight so try to use godview to stay out of it. You can get an emblem after finishing certain achievements. You can place it on your dog tag. Don’t forget to finish daily challenge, it will reward you handsomely. Barracks - this is where your planes are stored after completed research. Here you can request repairs, apply upgrades, or equip supplies; amongst other things. You’ve shown some basic flying capability, so we think that you are ready for some more advanced training. However, the basic flight skills is not enough to against other stronger enemies, we’re going to high level of training. All planes have their own RP which can be used to further research them.
    The primary objective in War Wings team death match is to destroy enemy planes while avoiding getting shot down. Allies are in blue and enemies are in red. Open up your throttle to increase your speed but keep in mind that your engine will overheat after a while if the throttle is opened up too much. The enemy team’s remaining points - reduce it to zero and your team wins. Try not to die too much in battle, losing points too fast might as well make you lose. The ramining time - the team who first successfully reduces the other team’s score to zero will be winner.

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