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    World of Tanks Blitz world history: destroy as many enemy vehicles as you can. Each enemy destroyed brings your team closer to victory. To control the camera, use the right side of the screen. Aim the gun at the bunker to your left. The turret follows the camera as you move it. The light bulb means that the enemy has spotted you. Crew and module condition affects the tank effectiveness. Use first aid kit to heal the crew, repair kit - to repair the modules. Switch to sniper mode to fire an accurate shot. In this mode the most heavily armored parts are highlighted. The front of a tank has the thickest armor. The sides and rear are easier to penetrate.

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    Tanks: MS1 - the first mass produced Soviet light tank. The small and mobile MS1 featured the most powerful and accurate gun of its tier. T1 Cunningham - the U.S. light tank developed in the 1920s.Its main advantages include a wide range of guns and high speed. The T1 is the fastest and the most mobile tier 1 tank. Leichttraktor - the first German light tank produced in four prototypes. The Leichttraktor features good maneuverability and view range allowing for a successful combat at any distance. Vickers medium MK1 - the first mass produced British tank that remained in service for over 10 years. This tank has the highest HP in its tier, and its best gun causes the heaviest damage per single shot. Renault Otsu - is a modification of the French Renault FT, modernized for Japan. The tank features a perfect balanced combination of firepower and armor for tier 1 vehicles.

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    Tip, gameplay secrets: Aim at the enemy to make the gun follow the target automatically. Improved turret will increase tank’s protection. A more powerful gun can be mounted in the improved turret. New gun comes without ammunition. Armor piercing shells are the basic ammo type for most guns. The aiming circle shows the area in which your shell will land when you fire. Purchase multi-purpose restoration pack to extinguish fire, repair modules, and heal crew members. Earn the necessary experience points in battles. For better accuracy, wait for the aiming circle to shrink.

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