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    War Tiler world history: challenger, let’s complete some training matches first. Destroy all skulls by killing opponent’s tiles. The more you attack enemy tiles, the more mana you accumulate. When your mana is full, you can use a special power. The tile penalty damage if you don’t move it during your turn. Epic tier: Alchemist - health allies and hurts enemies. The alchemist always carries some poison for opponents and a healing elixir for his battle mates. Overlord - attacks all adjacent enemies. His attack power depends on the power of his charge before a strike.

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    Characters: archer - unparalleled marksman. SHarp arrows can pierce multiple enemy units, provided they stand in one line. Goblin - small but swift warrior. Strikes instantly, and then retreats. Vampire - no vampire will lose a chance to restore their health with some enemy blood. Not to mention they’re dexterous enough to avoid enemy counter attacks. Warrior - can do away with a whole throng of enemies. When this brave soldier attacks, everyone unlucky enough to be nearby will suffer. Lightning mage - tamer of lightning, with cunning evasive skills. Her lightning strikes all enemy units in a line of attack.

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    Tip, gameplay secrets: each successful tile attack accumulate mana. The accumulated mana decreases over time. Soldiers: Dryad - fragile forest beauty. Carries peace and light in her soul. Capable of inspiring any ally to undertake heroic deeds by infusing them with the power of the forest. when purchasing topaz, look out for a variety of special deals. Each agent has a unique combat style, which in turn can affect your play style and strategy. You will learn more skills, gain more card effects, and increase your attributes by leveling up.

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