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    ICEY world history: in the middle of a dark, quiet room filled only by the sounds of humming machines, a figure floats, suspended. She, icey, has no memories, no past. Memories, to her, are not important. Her existence only serves one purpose. To kill Judas. That wicked devil, the bringer of the apocalypse. No matter how many difficulties or obstacles she will face, Icey understands that she must accomplish her mission. Destroy Judas. In the darkness, Icey awakes. At first, she seems unwilling to leave. Ice has left the laboratory. She understands that as long as she follows the arrow, she will discover where Judas is hifing.

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    Controls: jump and dash to overcome obstacles. Each attack will do more damage as your combo increases. When your shield is depleted, you will be stunned by an attacked dealt in mid-air. If you set the leader card, the effects of that card are applied throughout the battle. You can obtain many kinds of equipment while having an adventure. There are weapons, armors, and accessories, each of which have unique characteristics. If you collect enough stars while on an adventure, you can open a dungeon bonus box. You need 10 stars to open 1 box.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: energy recovers faster when not in combat. Your shield reduces the damage you take from attacks. Shield will auto regen if you avoid taking damage. Execute weakened enemies (heavy attack) and destroy their cores to recover your own health points and shield. Press jump button at the precise moment when an enemy attacks to counter and deal massive damage. Use heavy attacks to break through an enemy’s shield. A”!” will appear when the enemy is counterattacking. Hold block to absorb energy crystals when they appear, release the key to unleash a full screen attack. Damage increases as you absorb more energy crystals.

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    1. QnoaFKVy8I - treasure chest
    2. oBrAycR5uf - gold
    3. 8tax13gSue - gem
    4. Q2gY4fGjC4 - upgrade
    5. 1oOuuwvLRc - speed up
    6. Hd71hPIpA9 - crystal
    7. jpUyhheoY2 - epic gear
    8. mdoEU8EjFD - weapon
    9. GmsNbN5HmU - tickets
    10. DWjF8Qh9L3 - coupon code

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