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    The world no longer knows peace.I fear the conflict between humans and the mutated has reached the point of no return.
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    Even in these darkest of days, the obstinate human lords land of heroes refuse to accept the fact that the mutated creatures have turned against them. The human alliance needs new forces to tackle the impending catastrophe. As the most promising of the new lords, you'll need to pass the final trial of the alliance land of heroes. Remember, a true hero should know how to fully utilize the abilities of their allies. Nowm go to the trial wuth your companions in tow.

    Tips: equip yuor heroes land of heroes to make them stronger.

    Phantom blade: balanced physical damage dealer. Deals sustained damage to enemies with a sword as swift as the wind. Sword Dance: creates a storm of blades tat damages surrounding enemy units. Assaulting edge: charge with sword in hand, dealing damage to enemies in your path. Vile Wind: leap up and hack enemies to pieces.

    Stonerager: crowd-controlling tank. Can absorb damage with his strong body and control enemies with his skills. Earth wrack: Blasts forth earth energy in a line, causing damage to and stunning all enemies in its path.

    A different hero combination will bring a new experience. Stay behind soldiers to avoid being hit by elemental towers.

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    Chapter 1: our detectors on Rebirth island have been obstructed by a mysterious fog. We need to stay prepared for any possible crises. Go through the Arcane frotress on the island and keep looking for the interference source.

    Unruly elements land of heroes: a trong elemental storm has been detected in the waters around Rebith island. Locate the source of the interference.
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