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    Ark War world history: recruit, welcome to your first test. It’s almost your turn, so get ready. First, let me explain the test. The objective is to test your command skills, it terms of mastering the battleship’s weapons systems. Use the battleship’s cannon to destroy target. Target in the burn state, so if you hit with the battleship’s cannon, it will cause a large area of effect explosion.Your score is determined by the number of destroyed targets. Remember, if there are two targets close together, you can fire the cannon between them to damage them both.

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    The objective of test is to see how well you deal with ground troops. We have prepared an EMP weapons system for you. The EMP will paralyze enemy defensive structures, leaving them open to attack by our own troops. Also, our tanks can launch a special attack on structures that have been neutralized by the EMP - lethal strike. Next, let me explain to you how to build our base. First, we need to build some defensive structures to defend against enemy attacks. To build or upgrade structures requires consuming base resources.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: our resource producing structures will continue to pump out resources at a steady rate, but you won’t be able to use them until you collect them. After collecting resources, you can upgrade structures to increase their defensive capability. Increasing the level of a defensive structure will also increase it’s attack power. The ark command center is our most important structure. Upgrade it to unlock more powerful battle technologies. The command center’s level determines the amount of troop training and structure upgrades available. YOu can use the main cannon to attack the two sniper scores at once.

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