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    Sengoku Samurai world history: sengoku period, war and chaos occupied the whole Japan. Power, at that time, is the only thing that matters. Well - equipped, the daimyos are fighting for the ultimate reward, the Shogun. In Owari lives an ambitious young man. Once called the fool, he gradually spreads his army all over the country and rises to power. An unexpected encounter sparks your ambition. You decide to join his army.

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    Characters: Strategist (calm) Arduous and industrious, he taps on intelligence. Gladiator (foolhardy) - believe in power and its importance to unify the world. Warrior (ardent) - courageous and confident, who set on unifying the country for justice. Fresh ( Pride) - aspiring and persistent, taking peace as a goal. Heroine (emulous) - as a heroine, she involves in battles only to prove her capability. Ambition (sexy) - a lady of astonishing beauty. She is well known for her charm and intellectuality.
    Pikemen confront with enemy, rider charges at high speed while archers shoot in range. There are three types of units countering each other. When riders run into a unit of pikemen, their charge accelerates their death. On the other hand, pikemen are vulnerable to the shots of archers. Riders is quick at approaching the archers and deliver death. YOur effort will lead to doubled results if you could take a good use of it. Rather than sticking to one type of lineup, you should pay more attention to what units and lineup your enemy applies.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: great rewards can be obtained from the arena. Rare runes can also be found in battles. Fire damage is weakened under rainy weather, but thunder damage gets strengthened. Tap the avatar on the upper right to use auto pathing. Attachment includes the login rewards for day 1. Log in for 7 consecutive days and claim handsome rewards! Archer is good at dealing damage from long range, but riders can approach them rapidly. Upgrading a card to platinum will cost anima and carnelian. Carnelian can be obtained by selling gold cards. The higher tier the gold card is, the more carnelian you will obtain.

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    1. uOhxAXNoV6 - bullion
    2. 8wGpKSZ5nF - tallies
    3. ihTART27Fp - anima
    4. vOehKkavIR - carnelian
    5. S5KIqiEqih - tier
    6. TrcSVK65ga - treasure chest
    7. f8e1NeFFZx - key
    8. HJp4mfcpDG - silver
    9. OR8s5bPlIP - transfer ticket
    10. McixcVFw88 - enlist
    11. NaqAROQqUg - tokai exlusive

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