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    Battle Hand Heroes world history: amazing scenes here as giant robot spiders have boarded the train and begun attacking commuters. We can only hope that help is on the way. And right on time, mr. Sunshine has arrived on the scene! Get the popcorn out folks, things are about to heat up!
    Tutorial: attack the bad guys! Drag the card on to the enemy to deal damage. Every hero has their own superpower which charges up over time. Crime map - it looks like we have some trouble at silver city plaza. A band of petty criminals are attempting to infiltrate the sentinels HQ/ Looks like this could be the perfect opportunity to test out the new recruit.

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    Turn bar - the order of turns for the battle will appear here. Card takes turn to charge. Your hero will attack first if they land on the same turn as the enemy. Each card has its own targeting. Learning how to use these will be useful in the battles ahead. because mr. Sunshine’s attack takes a while to charge let's try party shield card which will protect both our heroes. Quests are the best way for your party to gain fame throughout silver city. If you aren’t sure what to do nest, you can always check the quest log!

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: mr. Sunshine’s fire attack did extra damage to the earth enemy. Each element is strong against another, so choosing the right heroes to take into battle is vital. If you tap on a card you can see its details. Each perk on a hack cheats code card has a chance of activating at any time during battle. Perks are secondary effects and can turn the tide of battle. A booster with the correct element yields more experience. Each hero has a talent tree that allows you to customise them.

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    10. N2Mqrc0RVX - upgrade
    11. eJApIUIc8Y - level up
    12. wdlNmmZ9HY - talent point

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