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    Summon Rush world history: open your eyes, summoner. The world is in chaos. Adonis, a foregoer born by the primal god, Gaia. he betrayed the gaia and the five gods. Gaia was sealed by Adonis. The five gods were scattered away. Summoner, please help us and save the world from chaos. Regardless of their tribes in the past or future, find heroes with a pure soul. Now, after hundreds of years we will unseal your summoning ability.

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    Luna- a summoner who protects light attribute allies and uses powerful magic attacks. Hello, summoner. I came to help since you are probably confused with your new summoning ability after such a long sealed time. I will awaken your forgotten summoning ability. Summoners and creatures are affected by attributes and become stronger or weaker. If the opponent has a stronger attribute, then damage will be halved. Consider attribute relations when creating a deck. You can summon anytime as long as you have the cost for summoning. Creatures have battlecry skill so learn and befriend creatures. Each summoner activates beneficial specialties when summoning same attributes as themselves so pay attention to the specialty of each summoner.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: touch a character in the deck settings window for 2 seconds to check the character’s skill and stats info. The enemy has a lot of creatures? Summoning creatures that can freeze all enemies at this time will be useful. Summoners and creatures can use active skills when mana is full. Characters can learn different spells depending on their attributes. If you want to upgrade your spells, you will need stones of training. Touch and gold a character equipped in the lower slot of the deck settings window for 1 second to change order with the slot you want. Clear the stage quickly to achieve a higher clear grade. It is important to summon creatures according to the battle cry and their specialties. Each hero can summon advanced spirit through training.

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