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    Game of Warriors world history: Welcome warrior! It's your duty to defend your city from invading forces and eventually conquer them. Unit bar shows the amount of soldiers available. Goblins have no chance against our brave soldiers. Upgrade your city defences to prepare against future. Upgrade wall and archers. Change game speed with “speed up” button. Each type of unit has an attack bonus us another type. Swordmen don’t have any bonuses or penalties. Tap tower button to choose ammo. Attack and defense bonuses are based on map scenarios - for example attacking gives an offensive boost.

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    Powers: battle horn - temporary increases units damage. Archers support - 50% bonus us enemy. Catapults - 300% bonus us siege weapons. Tap soldier button to prepare your army for attack. Once you have defeated an enemy city it will become your colony. You can upgrade them to get more resources. Every 10 waves you will have to face a well organized army. Watch out, they are harder than simple hordes. This is all you need to know about cheats code for now. Glory is waiting for you. Good luck hack warrior!

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: when armies clash on the war map, you will be transported directly into combat to resolve the battles, like you fought in earlier. THe key will be to strategically maneuver your armies on the war map, and then battle your way to victory in the field. Tap an army to select it, tap a tile to move there, move to an enemy occupied tile to initiate a battle. Battles are initiated on the strategic map, but are fought on the field. When ending your turn, you will be transported directly into combat to resolve the battle.

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    5. JVInoauy4Y - increase damage
    6. 2zbYzutZL3 - level up
    7. 1vbfbUgl8i - new mode
    8. QaDeRKRkff - upgrade
    9. cntpIsrQqb - arena
    10. ksuvT6XHi1 - premium account

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