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    . Pocket Legends Adventures cheat free hack code list - shard, gold, treasure box, gauntlet token chest, legendary equipment, key, vip jewel, platinum, level up, upgrade.

    Pocket Legends Adventures world history: in the ancient world of Alterra the age of glory comes to an end when an evil army attacks! To steal our treasures, to drive us from our homes. To lead us down a path to war. Together, we fight for the realm! Let’s go show these guys who they’re up against. Tap or tap and hold to move. Blast enemy with your fireball spell! Grab power ups and head through the gate. Watch out, don’t let enemy hit you, avoid red danger zones. Attack hero from behind to do bonus damage. Now, the legends of Alterra must prepare for war. We’re gonna need help. And i know just who to ask!

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    Pocket Legends Adventures cheats android, ios hack codes
    All legends are created equal, with the same power and potential. Change your race at the magic mirror: avian, elf, ursan. Every journey starts with a first step. How to play: clear the dungeon fast, collect stars to advance. Go faster to get more stars. Skills: fireball - barbeque your enemies with a devastating blast of elemental fire. Stomp - emit a burst of kinetic energy that knocks enemies back (with a chance to stun)! Arcane bolt - fire a devastating bolt of Arcane energy of your opponent. Training increases the damage from your hack weapons. Make sure to keep your training high!

    Pocket Legends Adventures secret code hack tips

    Tip, android gameplay secrets: free chest - chance of gold, platinum and all shards every four hours. Archer weapons - master the archer’s deadly bow and other two handed ranged weapons to deal increased damage. Enchantress weapons - master the enchantress’ two handed magical staff! Deal increased damage with every attack. Increase score by Flanking, attack enemies from the side or from behind for bonus points. Town is a social space to make friends. Form parties! Furnace - salvage items for gold. Jeweler - add jewels to legendary items. Vanity - acquire outfits at the vendor. Customer - change your look. Pets; Lingo - enjoy Lingo’s ability to heal damage in combat.

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    free letter secret password code:
    1. a3S31B1YEX - shard
    2. hDefbaLLAQ - gold
    3. 92xZgq4ov9 - treasure box
    4. 1hcpng9v8l - gauntlet token chest
    5. Eo0gMKHJdt - legendary equipment
    6. RI6PB580Kj - key
    7. 4M0Nawugpz - vip jewel
    8. o6HC9SYQta - platinum
    9. 60lMPPiMCk - level up
    10. V7lO7uBScf - upgrade

    title: hack Pocket Legends Adventures
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