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    . Returners cheat free hack code list - unlimited energy, gold, uncommon scroll, draw ticket, bluestones, legendary gear, soul, demonstone, premium package, enhance material, summon hero.

    Returners cheat world: the previous battle was a record of heroes who fought against the Nightmare king. Countless heroes and masters have fallen in the battle against the nightmare king, but they’ve only slowed his progress. The nightmare king grows stronger by the day. Form an unbeatable team of heroes and prove yourself worthy of facing the enemy. Your conviction is close to defense (able to maximize defense with a combination of tanks and attackers. Summon heroes who share your vision, and they will follow you to the ends of the earth.

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    Returners Hero: little red - she’s a magical girl who can stun your foes, including a powerful AoE attack that stuns multiple enemies at once. Duelist fighter - deals major damage to a simple enemy. Preferred targets are mages, supports, and rangers with the lowest physical defense. Note: auto equip will equip gear based on its defense rating. It may not yield the best results for every situation.

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    hello, commander! my name is cheat-on. I’ve been dispatched by the league Bureau to act as your secretary and assist you during your adventures. I’ll do my best to ensure you become the best master out there. Battle: your three heroes will naturally attack their individually preferred targets, but your direct orders will always take priority. The strongest specter on the enemy team will be marked with a crown. typically, those attacking from the rear line are the easiest to take out. Each ranger will be indicated by a bow icon. You can give one final order for the tactic board once the time limit has expired. If there are no further orders, heroes will attack their preferred targets.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: when you upgrade your formation, heros receive bonus stats based on their position. each hero has a preferred target that may change depending on the situation. Use strategy and control to overcome differences in combat power. the adventure stars you just acquired can be exchanged for rewards provided by the league Bureau. Support heroes in returners do more than just aid their. The DMG card deals direct damage to enemies. There are 4 types of tactic card: attack, disrupt, protect, and counter. Tactic cars can be used again once they’re off cooldown. Weapons and armor may not look like much? You can improve them in the same way you develop heroes.
    What should i know about league play in Returners? watch a replay to receive energy! Watch a replay of the most recent league game to receive bonus energy as a reward. Use a tactic card or win a game quickly to receive bonus gold as a reward.

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    1. wlcnQTlAuY - unlimited energy
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    5. 1AtardHR4D - bluestones
    6. uxLlSnzHUv - legendary gear
    7. kmk5ZBSE4I - soul
    8. bTZOwU2YdW - demonstone
    9. KpfSQVmwNS - premium package
    10. 68VkXHp2p7 - enhance material
    11. JQm4vSO7sB - summon hero

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