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    Chain Strike cheat world: it’s been 10 years since the empire’s war of conquest has begun. We were the last kingdom to stand against the empire. The empire prepared the war of conquest so thoroughly that we were about to be defeated. There’s only one way to overcome this situation. Going back to the past by using the power of Philias that the empire possesses. If we could go back time to 10 years ago! We can get our families and land that they took from us!
    We have to make more time until Ameline activates the Philias! Time gate is now open! Everyone, come this way! Only one can make it! Just og! We have faith in you! You will stop the empire, at any cost!

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    Why don’t we change the perspective first so we can check the field better? Put your finger on the screen and flick it quickly. You can see it from above which will be helpful to battle. Put your finger on the opposite side and slide it to change to the original view.

    Chain Strike cheats android, ios hack codes

    Each guardian has his own direction. The green tiles are the range that you can take actions. The one in the upper side is the target spot. The tiles with the exclamation mark are the warning tiles and are the attack range of the watch turret. Guardians can make only 1 action in 1 turn, so plan ahead before making any actions! Oh, one more thing! Look at the bottom right screen. Action points (AP) are consumed when the guardian acts and the turn will end automatically when they are all used. Or you can tap the end turn button to instantly end the turn. Watch out! The warning tiles marked with an exclamation mark are special attack ranges of the boss. The boss’s special attack is very dangerous so we should try to avoid it as much as possible.

    Chain Strike secret code hack tips

    Tip, android gameplay secrets: you can make moves within the range of tiles marked in green. Now, let me talk you through the battle. You can attack the enemy within the action range with attack skills. You can select an attack skill with a tap. You can take over the tiles when you defeat the attack target. You have to consider this while planning your attack. Can you see the long line coming from the guardian? That’s the sign referring that you can use the pincer attack. Characters who are within the attack area of the target can participate in the pincer attack. The guardian who is pincer attacking together doesn’t use AP, so you can inflict more damage strategically. Try to use the recovery skill when you are low on your HP.

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    5. hqYGDnRjSX -summon
    6. LQ0O6G7wwd - legendary equipment
    7. 8DTvllmOJI - gems
    8. 4lSLMFpNmx - gold
    9. Yvgyb3iD88 - material
    10. R7R3dKwAKe - wings
    11. XbZEccSmzG - premium pack

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