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    . DestrucTopia cheat free hack code list - cash, upgrade, level up, premium pack, gift box, unlock weapon, unlimited ammo.

    DestrucTopia cheat world: on quiet nights like these, i sometimes recall how we ended up here. No one expected a plague like the one that hit, devastating at least 70% of the country...The greediest of men used that misfortune to try to seize power. With the government and military in shambles, it didn’t take much for the richest corporations to try to force their influence. Feeding off the public’s fear and uncertainty, they convinced half the country that the government was the enemy… ahn here we are. I just wish there was some way to convince them how misguided they are...

    DestrucTopia hack cheats

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    In the war campaign, units are drawn randomly, based on the army type. Fighting men are hard to find these days - so we must to go battle with whoever we can muster! Move the v-pad in any direction to move the character. Attack multiple targets to affect your skill. Using gadgets like air strike can cause widespread destruction. You will earn rewards as you level up your city level. Is it hard to combat? It’s very helpful to you using gadget. Gather the set item and try to grow your heroes stronger. You can, however, re-roll armies to generate a new set of units. Armies consume supply when moving, attacking, and defending. If an army runs out of supply, they will be unable to move, and will be extremely vulnerable to attack.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: when heroes equip the set item, they gain additional abilities. There are two modes, auto play and auto skill. Auto play will only affect movements and attacks not skill. Using auto skill will also trigger skills. Toggle between the two modes by pressing the button.

    DestrucTopia mod code

    You can enhance your hero’s ability by upgrading hero equipment. If you run out of fuel, upgrading the command center. Enemies may hide in container. Watch carefully when you pass around the container. Use the dodge to avoid attacks. When enemy attacks are too strong, join heroes who has healing skill.

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    1. wuOgX5Xvjs - cash
    2. YGEzNXAQ5F - upgrade
    3. zQpGCramS1 - level up
    4. U3L8sOvzMP - premium pack
    5. ltpuDLuT9P - gift box
    6. LQ61mCTrjS - unlock weapon
    7. xHDLrdAuD3 - unlimited ammo

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