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    They Are Billions cheat world: armor - value is subtracted from the damage of any attack received. Attack range - is the distance at which a unit may attack another unit measured in cells. Attack speed - number of attacks the unit can perform per second. Watch range - cell radius in which the unit or building can watch and detect enemies. Workers needed - number of workers used by this unit or buildings.

    They Are Billions hack cheats

    Buildings: Command center - the main building of the colony. You can order the building of structures from here. If it is destroyed or infected, the game is lost. Quarry - collect minerals like stone, iron, and gold from surrounding minerals seams. Soldier center - trains different military units depending on the technology level reached.

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    They Are Billions cheats android, ios hack codes

    Infected population - this parameter affects how many infected are on the map from the beginning and the size of the hordes that periodically come to the colony. Map terrain - in the dark moorland, the terrain is very intricate as it forms gorges and small plains. Small rivers and pools can be useful terrain against the infected but will make the colony much harder to expand. Game duration - to win the game you have to create a colony and stay alive for the duration of the game. The hordes of the infected are the same regardless of the duration selected. Therefore, the longer the duration the easier the game will be as you will have more time to build your defenses before the horde arrives.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: the market reduces the food needs of the surrounding colonist dwellings. Colonist provide gold and workers for the colony. Wood tower - contains units. Units inside are protected and extend their watch and attack range. Towers can be placed directly on already built walls ( a portion of the walls resources are recovered in that case). Gate - automatically allow friendly units to pass through the walls. Gates can be placed directly on already built walls.

    They Are Billions mod code

    Soldiers: ranger - they run extremely fast and can shoot their arrows with their silent bow without inflicting much noise. Rangers are perfect for exploring the map and clearing small infected groups without attracting big swarms. Soldier - this versatile unit can serve any purpose. They wear heavy armor and wield a powerful sub machine gun. But be careful, their noisy weapons can call the attention of the nearby infected.

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    title: hack They Are Billions
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