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    . Nova Wars cheat free hack code list - cube, diamond, gold, action points, unlimited energy, level up, upgrade, legendary card, premium gift.

    Nova Wars cheat world: you are now connected to the war games server. Initializing training system. My name is cheat-on. I’ve been dispatched to oversee your war games training. Hero has number indicates the card’s energy cost. Drag in the direction of the arrows to view a different section of the battlefield. Drag a unit into the designated area to deploy it. There are too many enemies to handle with units alone? This is the ideal time to use a skill.

    Nova Wars hack cheats

    Certain special units and skills can be deployed beyond your front line. Let’s take a closer look at a card. Newly collected cards are automatically unlocked and equipped to empty deck slots.

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    Nova Wars cheats android, ios hack codes

    You can view additional information regarding the mission using the info window. Use the nexus to increase your maximum energy. Let me fill you in on the different elements of the interface. You lose when your nexus is destroyed. The nexus’s health points and timer are both displayed at the top of the screen. Available objectives are displayed during each mission. That covers all the basics. Now, deploy additional units to eliminate the enemy.

    Nova Wars gold

    Some new cards are collected simply by clearing a mission for the first time. You can collect various cards by clearing missions. Now, let’s talk about card upgrades. Go to the lobby to learn more. If you are struggling to beat a strong enemy, upgrade your characters to even the odds. In order to upgrade a hero, you must have additional copies of the same hero along with gold.

    Nova Wars secret code hack tips

    Tip, android gameplay secrets: you can upgrade your cards to lower their energy cost, giving you an edge in battle. Tapping the icon will deploy units in the illustrated pattern. Combine a variety of cards to build strategic decks. You can auto battle any mission on which you’ve earned 3 stars. Activate auto battle by spending action points hack. You can use auto battle to collect rewards immediately without any fighting.

    Nova Wars mod code

    Strider - A sturdy ground unit wielding double cannons that deal AOE damage in a small area. Easily destroyed by flying characters. Grav trooper - has high HP but weak attack. it uses AoE attacks to slow down enemies within a certain radius. Marine - a basic, well balanced unit with fast attack speed and low energy cost. Frigate - a mass produced air unit that rains laser blasts on enemy ground units. It has no means of fighting enemy air units.

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    1. UJpBFKe0Mb - cube
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    3. UT4ZOsAu5B - gold
    4. y6dkJy49Ib - action points
    5. lToE1AHN7X - unlimited energy
    6. SPvga27v1a - level up
    7. 5hmqvSFiyz - upgrade
    8. XUM45EHzeL - legendary card
    9. 8MY0UJd5Oc - premium gift

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