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    . Musou Glory cheat free hack code list - free flip, evolve rune, star-up stone, wings, gold, vip, premium pack, mount, upgrade, level up.

    Musou Glory cheat world: you are led down by mystery man and come to the valley, but the entrance was locked by strong boundary, unable to enter. Flower valley is well protected, the only thing that is able to break the boundary is the sword of ferocity, it is sealed in the array above.

    Musou Glory hack cheats

    i will give some important tips about the battle against the boss. YOu can assign priorities through the battle settings on the top-right. If you set the priority to boss, guardians will attack the boss first in auto battle. Of Course, i recommend you to battle manually in important battles. The boss battle will be cleared even if you just defeat the boss.

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    Musou Glory cheats android, ios hack codes

    Female - energetic girl who just started her journey. Gentle and adorable, apple in everyone’s eye. Has the same ability as the boys. Wild boy who kicks start his journey. Determined and brave, sworn to wipe out evils with his sword. Level-up: the guardian that wins the battle will earn experience and level up. The guardian will be have increased stats and the condition to be evolved. Use the experience potion at exp in the guardian screen to level up the selected guardian.

    Musou Glory gold

    Skills: magic arrow - attacks the enemy in the range to remove 1 beneficial effect from the target with a 75% chance. Destructive marble - attacks the enemy in the range 4 consecutive times to inflict bonus damage that’s proportionate to the target’s maximum HP. Healing chain attack - attacks all enemies in the range 2 consecutive times and recovers your HP by 10% for each defeated enemy. Hammer attack - attacks the enemy in the range with a giant hammer to inflict bonus damage that’s proportionate to your maximum HP and grants an effect that decreases the attack power. Victory wall - grants an effect that increase the attack power and defense of all allies for 2 turns.

    Musou Glory secret code hack tips

    Tip, android gameplay secrets: when a guardian reaches the maximum level and power up level+5, you can evolve the guardian by using evolution stones and direction stones up to 6 stars. You can acquire/ power-up skills by evolving guardians. Check the help menu to get more info whenever you want. Get a party together and hunt down legendary accessories and thunderbolt equipment in the dungeons.

    Musou Glory mod code

    You can use other guardians as material to power up the guardian of your choice. YOu can power up a guardian up to _5 and the guardian will be get a stat increase and also be ready to be evolved and awakened upon power-up. If you use a guardian that’s same as the guardian to be powered up as material, the skill level of a random skill will be increased by 1.

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    1. l2ZyDIyNDR - free flip
    2. ieYPQSTn6Q - evolve rune
    3. g0ZcM3VMop - star-up stone
    4. xiElXospey - wings
    5. enMu0IXOVq - gold
    6. 9DCiveW4df - vip
    7. 9RLYoL9S0M - premium pack
    8. ksC607qGYh - mount
    9. tv0lX3xxuJ - upgrade
    10. RZwCwhvp6Q - level up

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