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    . Tasty Town cheat free hack code list - max space, tables, chefs, popularity, gold, rank up, speed up, gift pack.

    Tasty Town cheat world: this place brings back great memories, now it’s your turn to take it to the top. Tap on the table to see what the customer would like to order. If order is not ready the number will be red, so you need to cook it. Tap on the dough chef, then drag the bread into the oven to start baking. Tap on the customers then drag the dish to the table.

    Tasty Town hack cheats

    When customers have finished eating, tap on the table to collect the reward. Working on the farm will get you amazing produce for your dishes. Tap on a field and drag the seeds through it to plant six of them. Drag the basket to collect the wheat. Build a pig farm when time to add some animal products into the mix.

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    Tasty Town cheats android, ios hack codes

    Use the feed mill to nourish your animals. Tap on the pigs, and drag the animal feed across them. Place wonders to increase your popularity. By placing wonders, we will increase our popularity. That will allow us to have more chefs, tables, and a bigger farm. Complete delivery orders to get special upgrade items.

    Tasty Town gold

    Completing deliveries grants you special items you can use to improve your restaurant. After renovation, we need to do some cleaning. Expand your restaurant to make it the biggest in the world. Friends menu - here you can find other players and send them friend requests.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: Lift your finger when you’ve reached the desired position. Help other players and earn extra gold and experience. Ranking up your restaurant enables you to add more chefs and tables and increase your popularity limit. Join forces with other players in your Chefs Club. You'll make friends and become the best in the business!

    Tasty Town mod code

    Collect chefs from all over the world, level them up in the Academy, and cook tasty international recipes. Grow fresh vegetables and raise happy animals at your Farm to produce your own ingredients. Decorate your restaurant with extravagant wonders. They'll make you popular! The more popular you become, the more you'll be able to improve your restaurant.

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    1. pTaeJPRm7C - max space
    2. qOtNV13cLU - tables
    3. nKkOf7dhAZ - chefs
    4. fAi6k60ELS - popularity
    5. H3voLcDBhO - gold
    6. guGj6E6WEK - rank up
    7. 9VFEaPePK9 - gift pack

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