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    . Lupa's Labyrinth - Dark Lord cheat free hack code list - artifact (frenzy), attack, defense, recovery, skills.
    MU Legend - Lupa's Labyrinth - Dark Lord cheat world: character info (dark lord): attack, defense, recovery, secondary.

    MU Legend - Lupa's Labyrinth - Dark Lord defense, attackMU Legend - Lupa's Labyrinth - Dark Lord recovery, secondary

    The discovery of the labyrinth introduced the presence of artifacts on the Mu continent. Devastation wings - legendary grow wings (magic equipment). Can be grown or evolved at the enchantment merchant. Wings improve based on their growth and evolution, and their appearance also changes. Wing growth - requires growth stone. Evolves up to maximum of tier 3, rank 10. Binds to character when obtained.
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    Lupa's Labyrinth - Dark Lord cheats android, ios hack codes

    MU Legend - Lupa's Labyrinth - Dark Lord artifact FrenzyFrenzy - round artifact. basic effect - attacks increase by 1.06% (1% + growth level) for 2 seconds (maximum stacks:10). Level effect - increased attack, when max-stacked, increases all speeds by 15% for 10 seconds. A power that can kill anyone can also kill its wielder. More easily so if the wielder is as green as you. Caution! This artifact does not take effect in faction war tournament matches. For more information, refer to our official announcements.

    Alchemist - decreases potion cooldown by 20%. CC time reduction - decreases crowd control durations. Lifesteal - attacks restore HP by 3% of their damage. Fortitude - increases defense #% every time you are attacked (up to 3 times). Hunting skill - inflict 10% additional damage on elite monsters.

    MU Legend Lupa's Labyrinth secret code hack tips

    Tip, android gameplay secrets: spin attack - enables you to quickly spin and inflict damage on all surrounding enemies at 340% attack. Decreases the enemy's defense by 20% for 3 seconds. Increases their aggro by 100%. Destruction tremor - explodes your inner power and causes an earthquake. Inflicting 100% continuous AoE damage on surrounding enemies for 8 seconds. The enemies lose 80% movement speed for 4.0 seconds.

    MU Legend - Lupa's Labyrinth - Dark Lord   mod code

    Hold down the skill key to charge and shoot energy. This skill’s damage increases in proportion to its charge time. Fire burst - detonates fiery chain planted in the target area. Inflicting AoE damage at 400% attack. An additional explosion occurs in 1.5 seconds, inflicting damage at 100% attack. Madness absorption - pulls all surrounding enemies toward you, and then explodes the condensed energy.

    MU Legend - Lupa's Labyrinth time
    A severe warp in spacetime has been formed inside Lupa’s clock. Extremely threatening rift predators lie in wait inside it. Before you enter Lupa’s labyrinth, make sure to create an artifact and set it as your growth artifact.

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